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303 CB1

The 303 Series iron heads were born. Simply listening to customer comments on mixed iron sets, where some of the irons were very hybrid-like, we noticed immediately that many golfers were confused at how to use a hybrid, let alone a hybrid style iron. Are you supposed to sweep it like a wood, or hit down and through it like you would an iron? We thought that the game is hard enough without giving players more to think about than necessary, so we made each of the three models of heads that comprise this award winning set of irons, the very same specs as well as overall appearance at address.

All three models of SMT irons are produced in soft cast 303 stainless steel. This allowed us to produce very tight specs throughout the series and still allow us to have a line of precision crafted iron heads that were adjustable for loft and lie to best fit each individual golfer.
303 CB1
303 CB1

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