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Durometer Series Wedges

Can you believe the stir these wedges have made?

When they were created, the thought of milling the face of a wedge was unheard of. The golf industry felt that it was too costly to do so, too time consuming, overkill and quite simply, not worth the effort.

Well, we did it, and did it right from the start. We understood that the scoring clubs were critical to the player?s enjoyment of the game and would perhaps have the greatest impact on the scorecards when added up at the 19th hole. SMT Golf spent the money and spent the time to manufacture these heads the right way and the impact on the industry has been staggering.

But that wasn?t enough, we wanted the wedges to have feel, but knowing that feel is a subjective and elusive thing, we had to make two sets of these highly acclaimed wedges.

The back of each wedge hosel has a one of a kind rubber insert built in to dampen the impact of the club with the ball. We realized, unlike most, that shock travels from impact through the shaft to the player?s hands, so we set out to stop it as near to the source as any club has ever done in the history of the game.
Durometer Series Wedges
Durometer Series Wedges

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