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AccuFLEX AccuLAUNCH 60 Shaft

AccuLAUNCH, a new shaft series featuring four weight categories, and over 500 fitting options, within the thirteen separate flex/weight "models". Created by AccuFLEX Golf, incorporating the proven Tour Winning A2 Technology, this shaft series is Tuned for optimal Launch and Spin Conditions within each weight and flex profile.

AccuLAUNCH 60 = Mid-High Launch ; Mid Spin

Recommended for average swingers, semi-smooth to semi-aggressive transition, need for higher launch but lower spin to create optimal trajectory.

The 60 Model combined with the weight, flex and spin profile has quickly become one of the longest driving models of the series, when fit properly to the individual.
AccuFLEX AccuLAUNCH 60 Shaft
AccuFLEX AccuLAUNCH 60 Shaft

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