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LONG DRIVER…. I sell 2 companies who have both won several World Long Drive Championships around the World.  BANG GOLF and SMT GOLF.  Both have been torture tested for years by the Big Boys

BANG GOLF…They have 3 Models that are currently in favour. 

  1. ST 539

All 3 are available in loft from 4.5* to 16 *

Bang Golf also makes a Long Drive Shaft that is 50” Long and come in X, XX, XXX. It is called the F.A.S.T. Shaft and what makes it unique is that it weighs Only 50 Grams. Bang Golf  also has a 2 different Sponsorship programs that will get the successful Long Driver product at below wholesale.  You need to have a Resume to justify.  Phone me to discuss.

Bang Storm
Bang Storm....details


SMT GOLF….They currently have 4 Models in Play 

  1. DB PLUS
  2. 455 DEEP BORE 

All 4 Models range from 4* up to 14*

There are several companies
who are producing Long Drive Shafts.  SK Fibre, UST etc There are also weights that can be put in the Butt of the shaft to Back Weight the club so that it isn’t so heavy.

I have a 50” Driver that should be G 1 but, because I have a 100 gram weight in the Butt, it is C 7.


If you are serious about Long Drive we need to do a Speed Test, Look at Tempo, Launch Monitor etc. etc.  Phone Me

Bang Golf
SMT Golf
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