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OLLIE GOLF WEB SITE PUTTING SCHOOL….Lower your score by putting better.  How???  Spend 2 hours one evening…bring in a maximum of 3 Putters…Record 5 Strokes with each using TOMI on the computer…Try different putter Styles, Lengths, Weights…5 Strokes with each to look at your Faults and find the Fixes.

  1. Spec out the physical Putter (Type, Length, Grip, Swingweight)
  2. Look at Posture (Measured using Mirrors)
  3. Use the “Dream 54” the Latest and Hottest Putting Stroke Aid to learn a grooved stroke www.yamadamilled.com
  4. TOMI…. This is a Computerized Putting Analysis System that measures 8 different parameters around your Putting Stroke.  Using a camera, a clip on sensor, and proprietary software, TOMI uses basic mechanics to measure

These things help identify faults in the putting stroke so that they can be turned into Fixes. Want to Be a Better Golfer….Be a Better Putter!!!  Phone for appointment. 

Need a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people.  Bring a Buddy.

After this Assessment you will have the opportunity to have one of several putters in stock Custom built to your Specifications.    


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